Indian weddings are for the people, of the people and by the people. Very little for the bride and groom. In India, weddings are not just a sacred ritual but also an event for getting together of families. And extended families, and friends from school, college, colleagues and neighbor wale uncle, aunt, their niece and her pretty friend as well. 

So, here is the checklist for a fantastic wedding which will leave the couple and everyone else super happy.

Wedding Date

  • Finalize the Date. Consult your family, an Astrologer or a Pundit.

Number of Events

  • Finalize the number of events you wish to have and over how many days.


  • Know how much you have and what you exactly want.

Guest list

  • Indian weddings give you an added advantage of relatives who can help you execute your events on time and without a hassle.


  • If you know your budget and the guest list, you will definitely know what the size of your wedding venue must be.
  • You will have to book the venue well in advance, especially if it is in a prime location.


  • How many dishes do you want to serve? If there are too many, there are chances that some food will be left untouched, too little may show lack of variety.
  • The plan is to strike a balance, have good quality food in sufficient quantity. Your menu must satisfy members of all generations. Food is a medium of conversation, so make it good.
  • Taste a few samples.


  • Choose colors and designs which will not only highlight the dais but also keep the location glamorous, why not just marry in a piece of heaven?
  • Visit the venue with him and discuss ideas.

Photographer and Videographer

  • Book a photographer and videographer well in advance.
  • Go through samples of his previous projects.

Guest Accommodation

Attire and Jewelry:

  • You will have to stay idle for long hours during the wedding, plan your outfit wisely.
  • Pick out your attire and jewelry at least couple of months before the wedding.


Hair Stylist


  • Book Transport for the guests if required.

Music and entertainment


  • Speak to a few travel agents to decide the right Honeymoon Package for you.

Getting married Indian style is a prototype for “hard work leads to success”. You can have your version of a perfect wedding through planned execution. Easy wedding for a happy wedding!